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My Arduino UNO R3

So, I started doing a little programing in python using the library pygame. Then I saw the possibilities with programing and then decided that I want to start my robotic journey. I first started with a ELEGOO board and it worked fine but then I got my favorite board, the Arduino UNO R3. Then I made a circuit, it looked like this,

What it does it do you might ask? The blue glowing screen is a LCD display, what most screens are. The arduino is the board with all of the wires coming out of it. Then if you can spot it there is a tiny blue servo hidden away. Now, the final component of this “masterpiece” is a knob sensor of some sort. Now, back to what it does. When you turn the knob on the sensor it displays the rotation of the knob on the LCD display. Then the arduino sends these numbers off to the servo as a rotation to go to. So, when you turn the knob it displays the rotation and rotates a servo. Ain’t that cool?

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    ArDuInO UnO r3

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    I like turtles!